General Management of Waste in accordance with Law 12,305 / 10 (Integrated Waste Management Plan)    

     Observing the Legislation, we understand that the Sectors must act harmoniously with regard to Waste Management, promoting the Solidarity Economy and the creation of Work and Income.

    The participation of the Public Power in this relationship as an active participant in the process of the productive chain, besides gaining credibility to the public interest, generates a participatory gain in its share of performance.    

 We mainly believe that it is legal and essential to use Recyclable Material Collectors Cooperatives, as well as the use of autonomous providers such as M.E.I. in this process.

    The circulating Economy, composed of many informal workers, beckons for a new alternative economic policy in the face of the crisis in the Market. Socio-environmental policies should be promoted as advocated by the GENESIS PROJECT, which was conceived as a Rainfall Project, meeting the UN objectives for the 2030 agenda and which houses 10 Socio-environmental Impact Projects that promote the structural organization of Cidade de Bairros, besides To promote the generation of work and income.


    B & G Empreendimentos has been working since 2008 for the promotion of Sustainability as a form of Correct Development. A in Solid Waste Management, for example, with qualitative quantitative studies and gravimetric classification in obtaining manageable data for the deployment of Integrated Management Projects throughout Brazil.

​​General management (2012) -  7 Cities of the VALE DO PARAÍBA - SP


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General management  (2010)- MARACANAÚ- CE


   B & G Empreendimentos provides Services in the areas of Construction, Sustainability, Administration and Information Technology.


  Using the Integrated Management Principle (PGI), we also work on Studies, Viability and Projects, Implementation of Integrated Management Systems, Reduction and conscious use of water, Studies and use of Alternative and Clean Energy Techniques as a way to reduce Consumption and still in obtaining Carbon Credits, Strategic Studies and Sustainability in Rural and Urban Planning of Cities and Neighborhoods such as the PROJECT CITY OF THE FUTUREand theGENESIS PROJECT, both with recognition and Public Utility.  


- Reason for Pride: Nearly 10 Years of Good Services ... Since 2008 B & G Empreendimentos has been operating throughout Brazil, performing Services that include Civil Construction combined with Sustainability and using Integrated Management Plans and mainly honoring its commitment to the Environment and Sustainability.


- Involvement with the National Solid Waste Plan Law 12.3005 / 2010 (PNRS and PGIRS)   Together with City Halls and Federal Government, Cooperatives and the Civil Community has been assisting in the implementation of P.N.R.S. (NATIONAL SOLID WASTE PLAN) LAW 10305/2010. We participated in Eco 92, Agendas 21 and lastly in Rio + 20 and Global Forums Rio +20 with Environmental Projects in all Topics covered and still working with C.G.E.E. - Management and Strategic Studies Center of the Federal Government and the Ministry of the Environment in the Implementation of the National Solid Waste Plan and Integrated Waste Management Plan) Law 12,305 / 10).


- Green Building, Sustainability, Environment, Information Technology, Studies, General Management Report, Qualitative Quantitative Survey, Gravimetric Studies, Quartzmetry, Lower Calorific Power, EIA / RIMA, PRAD, Botanical and Floristic Inventories, Basic Sanitation, Biodigestores, Phyto and Bioremediation, Liquid Treatment Lagoons, Transbordos, Waste Treatment Plants (CTR), Study and Implementation of Selective Collection, Reverse Logistics, Creation of Projects with the use of Principles of Solidarity Economy, Cooperatives, Associations And Third Sector, Green Composting, Treatment and Waste Management, Inversion in the Treatment of Organic Sludge and Organic Chemical leachate, Allocations, Use of Environmental and Clean Techniques in the production of Alternative Energy by the Biogas Exploitation Principles, Biomass, Energy Recycling Units (URE), Tank And Plasma, Gravitational Energy Field, Environmental Law, T..AC, Environmental Crimes with Processes and Procedures, Legalizations, LP, LI, LO, SMAC (PROJECTS AND FEASIBILITIES) - MUNICIPAL PLAN FOR SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT AND INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT (Law 12,305 / 2010) for Municipalities and States of Brazil.

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