ANALYSIS AND STRATEGY    Our experts are qualified in various types of statistical analyzes and strategies to ensure excellence in service delivery.

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   We offer a differentiated and updated service with comparative actions through interactions in social networks and evaluation through advanced research.

   B & G EMPREENDIMENTOS provides services in the areas of Civil Construction with Green Architecture, Landscaping, Interior Decoration, in the areas of Law with Business and Environmental Law, in Sustainability and the Environment with Projects, Viabilities, Legalizations, L.P. L.I. L.O., S.M.A.C. , Environmental, Business, Advisory, Business Consulting, Business and Personnel activities. We also work with Administration and Information Technology T.I.   

  Technological Innovation: Using the Principle of M.D.L. Clean Development Mechanism (Global Compact for Sustainability), works with Integrated Waste Management, Basic Sanitation Plans, Infrastructure and Green Urbanism. It promotes and uses in its Projects the Principles of Alternative Energies, Control and Rational Use of Water, Collection of Carbon Credits, Conscious Use of Resources, Urban Strategic Planning, Urban Mobility, Environmental Recovery, which places it as a Company Highly Trained and with positive differentials, promoting prominence in the exercise of its attributions. All this aiming the satisfaction of its Customers.   

  We also work in Partnerships in Projects, search for Lost Funds for self-financing of Projects. B & G Empreendimentos has been active throughout Brazil with Services that include Civil Construction, Green Architecture combined with Sustainability and which includes the Leed Methodology (M.D.L.).   

  He also works in the Studies, Reports, Feasibility, Confection and Execution of Strategic and Environmental Projects. He uses Alternative Energy Techniques, Clean, Self-sufficient and Eco villages.

  Using the CDM Principles (Clean Development Methodology), following the Kyoto Protocol, it has been working and implementing Systems and Solutions as Integrated Management Plans and mainly honoring its commitment to the Environment and Sustainability.  

 Joint Ventures, Consortia and Partnerships, Cooperatives and the Civil Community (Associations and OSCIP's and NGO's have been assisting in the implementation of PNRS, PGIRS (NATIONAL PLAN OF SOLID WASTE AND INTEGRATED WASTE MANAGEMENT) LAW 10305 / 2010. Participation in some Environmental Reference Events:

- Eco 92;

- Agendas 21;

- Rio + 20;

- Rio +20 Global Forums with Environmental Projects in all Topics.

B & amp; G Emp. Soluções Ambientais para um Mundo Melhor </ title> <Meta name = "description" content = "B & amp; G EMP Construção com Arquiteto Verde e Direito Ambiental, em Sustentabilidade e Meio Ambiente com Projetos, Viabilidades, Legalizações," > <Meta name = "keywords" content = "Arquitetura Verde Arquiteto Verde Sustentabilidade Soluções Sustentáveis ​​Sustentabilidade e Meio Ambiente com Projetos Projetos, Viabilidades Viabilidades, Legalização Legalizações Parcerias Parcerias Gestão de Resíduos Gerenciamento de Resíduos" >