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History of the Company throughout its 10 years:

    Founded in 2008, the company B & G EMPREENDIMENTOS was born from the union of professionals from the Civil Construction, Environment and Legal Sector. Initially in the Sector of Sustainable Civil Construction and can count on its Founder and one of its Directors, the Specialized Engineer in Structural Calculations Dr. Humberto Reis Gama, who died in November of 2013 and that did not measure efforts to promote the quality and technical capacity of the Company Which specializes in carrying out Technical Reports and Services of high technical quality, thus promoting the Company for works throughout Brazil and even abroad.    The Company had an expanded prospect by actively participating in Rio + 20, the World Forum on Environment and Sustainability held in Rio de Janeiro, and which made it possible to exchange information and experiences from Brazil with the rest of the World.   Given this opportunity, it was possible to exchange information and techniques and promote an updating of knowledge on both sides and the result was the launch of the 2014 CITY OF THE FUTURE Project created first hand by the company B & G Empreendimentos in 2012 during the Rio + 20 in 7 languages ​​and deals with Sustainable Development for Cities and Districts as a basis for partnership with London UK Architects. Know this Project published in this Link: PROJECT CITY OF THE FUTURE Post 2014.



Building a Better World, supported by the foundation of respect for the environment, and sustainability.


Our Vision is dynamic regarding the implementation of a unified and sustainable administrative management policy, but it is also bold in relation to the implantation of new work fronts, facing difficulties and facing challenges.


The Company B & G EMPREENDIMENTOS has the concern of providing Services of an Environmental and Sustainable nature, adapting to the current Legislation and constantly updating itself. Our Company has provided several services throughout Brazil and is proud of the results of its efforts and the construction of partnerships in several states, directly or indirectly.

                                                                                      Company Founder Board:

  Eng. Dctr. Humberto Reis Gama à (Left.)

  Arq. e  Urb. Dctra. Márcia Gama. Barboza 
  Adv. e Exp  Dctr. Walter Gama. Barboza 

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